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Fill in the form below, answering all the questions. All appraisals must have clear images sent of doll, with clothes on and off if possible, and any details of damage. no appraisals will be accepted unless sent with photos. If you do not know how to send a photo please contact me. You may use either the email or regular mail address below to submit the images, but please answer the questions using this form.
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DISCLAIMER: By using this website the information I give and the values of items are based on my own personal opinion, by the information you have submitted to me and does not guarantee the item is genuine or authentic, because I have not examined the item in person.
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When or how did you purchase or get this item?
Do you know how much was paid for this item?
Do you know who is the manufacturer of doll?
Do you know what materials your doll is made of?
Is there any markings on the back of the dolls neck or on its back? Do you know the name of the doll?
Does doll have any damage to it? Please describe in detail.
What is the height of the doll?
Does the doll have any original clothing or an original box?
What type of eyes does doll have, sleep eyes (eyes that open and shut) or stationary eyes?
If your doll has eyelashes what kind are they?
If doll has an open mouth, does it have any teeth, and are any broken?
List history of doll if known?
What is the purpose of this doll appraisal?
Please give in detail any other details about doll that you feel is important to this appraisal.
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